Step 1: Record a 'prank' of you scaring someone and scream 'SCARE FEAST!'

    Step 2: Follow us on instagram: Follow Now (we'll keep a close check ;))

    Step 3: Enter your name, your Instagram profile link and email

    Step 4: Submit your reel (between 15th Oct - 22nd Oct, 2021)

    About the contest:

    • Entries will be published on @pizzawalas Instagram Page on 23rd Oct’21
    • Participants have until 29th Oct’21 to promote their reel uploaded on our page.
    • 10 winners will be declared on the basis of maximum likes on reels (received before 29th Oct’21)
    • Winners will be announced on 30th & 31st Oct’21

    What’s in-store for the winners?
    A free large pizza of their choice!

    Terms and Conditions:

    1. This is an #InstagramExclusive Giveaway
    2. Video needs to be under 45 seconds for you to qualify in the giveaway
    3. If you are one of the top 5 winners you will be able to redeem your free pizza on the 31st October ONLY. All other winners will be eligible to redeem their free pizza on 30th October 2021 ONLY.
    4. Do NOT post your reels on your personal instagram page to avoid disqualification.
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